Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tues 30th Oct

Evenin' all,

Once again, multi tasking was the order of the day. Some sleepers were
taken up to the site of the Intercepter drain, by the Maintenance

Per way split into two teams, one made a start sorting out the ballast
dropped by Wash Green yesterday, whilst the other half was at
Idridgehay completeing the form work ready for the concrete for the
crossing gates.

The VCT were busy near Gorsey Bank, working in the Up Cess, clearing
the brambles etc., away from the new sign etc as well as clearing the
Up walkway.

In the Car park much was achieved on the Narrow Gauge line with much
ballasting, cutting of sleepers and people wandering about with lengths
of rail under their arm!. Opposite them the Logging department prepared
more bags of firewood.

Two machines were on site for Testing, they were Unimog based water
bowsers, which also doubled up as towing vehicles when the situation

The Pasenger Dept had a stocktaking day and also had several visitors.

Tomorrow sees another company testing their vehicle, they are bringing
several people to 'give it the once over'. More ballast fettling on the
Hannages, as well as concreting .

One unusual request came this afternoon, from the local constabulary
- some tables previouly stolen from the Town Hall were located in the
Hannages Brook, the best way to recover them was to convey them back to
base by rail, where they were collected by the Council.


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