Thursday, 18 October 2007

Thursday 18th October 2007

Dear all
I am not sure whether there is enough cyberspace to report on today's doings! However, I will try - the VCT have had a day of good housekeeping with a panel of Midland Railway fencing recovered on Tuesday being reshaped for use on a bridge parapet. Their stores have been re-organised and surplus items disposed of. Galvanised chain that had disappeared from sight was uncovered and applied to the fence line at the base of the former dust dock to create a nice finishing touch.
The steps were replaced onto Helen-Louise and blocks moved to prepared for the creation of an interceptor between the pit and the site drainage system. This will continue the improvements in the Maintenance Facility area.
Two gate posts were fabricated for Idridgehay and a defective sleeper was changed at the site of the trap points on Road 2 to enable the ground frame installation to be completed. The works train was marshalled for its activities next week in support of further machine work at Idridgehay, on the "racing straight" and at Gorsey Bank. Providence prevailed with the availability of the "new" fork lift that was able to discharge quite a substantial capital investment in rail, sleepers (for the narrow gauge), chairs and gauge tie bars totalling over £3000.
The scrap gathered from the level crossing installations was sorted, cut and skipped where appropriate. The silent talking tunnel was restored to life and a potential new recruit given an insight into the likely tasks ahead. This recruit will be accompanied by a lady that may cause pacemaker batteries to need a recharge.
We were pleased to welcome a paying guest for testing and L53 was in action as part of the EMC evaluation for the vehicle. We were also happy to host Jonathan Webb from Rail Engineer, a loyal supporter of the enterprise, who was entertained by Mark Brooks from Tube Lines with the bonus of our other customer on site for an article about our commercial activities.
PS Many thanks to Neil and Leigh for bringing our web sites back to life - the new look is excellent!

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