Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Dear all

Another day of activity on many fronts. The VCT were earning money for their next chain saw by undertaking a little contract work for the Tube Lines project to enable specialists to take sound and electro-magnetic interference measurements on the TBTC test track over the next two days.

Meanwhile, the permanent way team finalised the new signage at Idridgehay by fixing the Up distant signal board. Whilst at Idridgehay the team undertook some drainage work and ballasted either side of the crossing. After that work was complete the team moved to Gorsey Bank to remove redundant signage and treadles. They then turned their attention to the new signage with some put in place and the sites for the remainder identified.

The Booking Hall welcomed a possible new recruit to their team and the Mess Hall was restocked with the essentials of life. Geoff Adam's celebrated his birthday by the provision of a splendid Thomas cake.

The final touches were put to the Passenger Services budget for the next financial year after a great deal of background work by all concerned.

All in all, another great day.



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