Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Progress, Wednesday 10th October

Evenin' all,

Two main activities involving two different departments. Firstly the Loco engineering section had the blue 03 in the Maintenance area and removed one of the connecting rods, which showed some wear, this was despatched to Butterley for machine work to be carried out on it. On the ajoining track more work was carried out on the Incline coach.

A visitor from Boston (US of A I believe) had a trip on the Incline train. He was so keen that he made a handsome contribution to costs.

The other main activity was once again at Idridgehay. All of the tarmac has been laid and rolled, due to the thickness it will take a good 24 hours plus to go off. The bi t- left - on - the - back - of
- me - wagon - sir, was dropped beside the track in the area which will become the staff car park (AKA Idridgehay Park and Ride). Most of the new fixed signal boards were planted along with speed boards, just the Up Fixed Distant and a speed board to be added there. The Treadles were removed carefully and all bits retained for storage. The works train made a welcome return to Wirksworth traversing the new level crossing several times during the day.The old signalpost that has been on the platform these many years was removed as well as the Up Home post. Many local residents from Idridgehay dropped in to see the progress.

The Wirksworth Tourist people held a meeting at the station, after which the Wirksworth Station Master paid a visit to the workers at Idridgehay.

More bodies required for tomorrow to erect the last of the Signals as well as recover redundant assets.


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