Saturday, 6 October 2007

Progress Report Saturday 6th October 2007

Dear all,

A day in which the priority tasks of shunting and step painting were completed before morning tea was taken. Following morning tea and a bag of fruit pastilles, the staff roused themselves to deal with the interior end screen painting of the platform 2 waiting shelter, and a coat of paint was also applied to part of the platform side of the Booking Hall. Engineers undertook work on the class 31 and 03 084, and D2158 has taken over passenger duties.

Clearance was undertaken south of Rowland's Crossing by the white van and egg sandwich department, and a hoodie, sorry, conscipt, was delegated to sweeping the whole of the Station Road gutter. The passenger service trundled happily backwards and forwards all day as did the till drawer. For those of you interested in the film show, there are only ten tickets left. Two new volunteers were welcomed and the magnificence of our endeavour was admired from as far afield as Australia.

The priority task for tomorrow is the tidying of the store area between the green trailer car and the Ravenstor line, where various items of small track materials need sorting and bagging properly, bags and sleepers stacking neatly and rubbish removing.

All the best,

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