Saturday, 27 October 2007

Progress Report Saturday 27th October 2007

Dear all,

A pleasantly busy day on a selection of fronts. The engineering dept
proceeded with the rectification of Sir Peter's injector pump and also
dealt with cleaning of the fuel filter system and on the class 31 the
air side of the radiators also continued to receive their bicentennial

Adjacent to the shed road the blockwork was completed on the new
interceptor pit as far as ground level and is now ready for the
re-inforcing concrete to arrive next week. Please do not pump out the
pit until the interceptor is finished.

A multitude of volunteers were seen to be at work around the children's
area, where the ramp has been stoned and also around the narrow gauge,
where ballast was being applied to the section of track in hand. The
ramped part of retaining wall of the Baileycroft dock has also been
cleared to show it off as a feature.

A steady day's business was done by the Ravenstor Line and the traincrew
also attended to the cleaning of the Trailer Car, an attractive task
which can be continued tomorrow, the luggage racks are always a nice
place to start.

If weather permits (the forecast is bad, however) the sleeper tops can
be cleared of mud around mileposts 139 and 140.

All the best, Anton