Saturday, 13 October 2007

Progress Report Saturday 13th October 2007

Dear all,

A day of some curiosities. We were not able to get to grips with the task of sorting PW materials, as today was a conscript free day.
However, much progress was had by engineering with work done on the Lister, on wire brushing and painting various parts of 03084 and on the ventilation system of the class 31.

In terms of the passenger service a quietly profitable day was had and in the intervals repairs were carried to the Booking Hall and some spring cleaning and lite gardening were done despite a damp start to the day.

At Duffield various material was reported to have been cleared, bagged and moved from the platform area and work done to tidy up the down slow platform and the general area of the compound, I do not doubt a full report will be made available presently.

In the afternoon the Penguin was returned having made a bid to escape at 1.00 am last night accompanied by an assortment of the Feckless who left it in the middle of North End while attempting to make off with a number of toupees from the hairdressers. The said Feckless were last seen heading up the M1 towards Sheffield, allegedly pursued by a bobby on a bicycle from Matlock. The Penguin has now been chained to the revetment wall of the Children's area using the largest chain in Christendom and tonight the footpath and main road gates are to be locked.

All the best,

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