Sunday, 21 October 2007

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Dear all
What a very pleasant day with the crowds filling our three platforms to enjoy the dmu fest! The sight of simultaneous departures and arrivals at Platforms 1 and 2 was something to behold. These events coupled with the Bubble Car arriving and departing from Platform 3 created an environment worthy of some of the major stations on the network in the 70s.
Many congratulations to everyone who made it all happen including the marshalling and shunting well into Saturday evening and an early start today. Also thanks are particularly due to Julie who did record business in the Buffet Car and Jamie, aided by the Youth Offending Team, who undertook that most unglamorous but essential job of packing the car park.
There was also a sizeable team manning the 3 locations of the Model Railway Exhibition and Mike and Pat Craft deserve a special mention for pulling the whole thing together after another 12 months of planning and negotiation. Yet again the town of Wirksworth is put well and truly on the map by the endeavours of the Railway.
All this effort engaged around 30 volunteers. including some pressed men and women, which again demonstrates the dedication of all involved and there was even an opportunity to tend to the drainage at 40 steps and fettle the radiators on the Class 31.
A very well done to everyone.