Monday, 22 October 2007

Fw: Mon 22nd Oct

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Date: 22/10/2007 17:06
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Subj: Mon 22nd Oct

Evenin' all,

An 0800 start at Idridgehay has resulted in piles! The Cess opposite
the platform has been given a good clean and scrape. It appears that
anyone who has wanted to dump things over the years, has fly-tipped
Idridgehay. Ther is a mountain of material waiting to be relocated
tomorrow. The Up Safe Cess walkway, north of thr crossing has also
levelled and now awaits some Type 1 to be laid and wacked in.

Pat and Mike have been having a tidy up session after the successful
Model Railway weekend. Several visitors made their way to Wirksworth
station to have a look around.

Tomorrow we need an early start for the works train - to please be
Idridgehay by 0930 with Mermaid and empty green low Flatrol ( Please
ensure two wheelbarrows are also on board) There is a great deal of
Mermaid work to do, so as soon as the train crew are ready please
down. The VCT squad are also welcome to start tidying up the


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