Friday, 19 October 2007

Friday 19th October 2007

Dear all
A less frenetic day but with an earning opportunity! A regular customer developing and electric powered machine claimed further improvement as the vehicle travelled to Shottle and back without incident.
The Amber Valley Loco Group topped up Margaret-Ann with antifreeze and started to prepare the Maintenance Facility site for the arrival of a new stores container. The Incline dmu received further attention as the sun warmed the day up and there was a great deal of activity in Wirksworth town to prepare for the Model Railway Exhibition opening tomorrow.
The Booking Hall entertained quite a few visitors amongst which was a Railway Inspector paying a "social" visit. He commented on our standard of presentation and lamented that the railway he was involved with did not have the same approach!
Duty Managers for the weekend are Anton, Saturday and me, Sunday - surplus energies are required by Roy and Les at the Maintenance Facility