Thursday, 24 October 2019

Progress Thursday 24th October 2019

Dear all,

I don't know where the days go! This week we have had plenty of testing including a hospitality day ran by the customer with the tube car as well as a robot device from Italy. Today was devoid of testing on the Duffield line so it was a good opportunity for the works train to head down the line as well as get it stabled at Shottle for the weekend.

Of course, Saturday is Wirksworth Wizarding Day and the whole town is expected to be extremely busy, despite a poor forecast. Today involved setting up down the yard in preparing two coach rakes for the event as well as admin in the office to do with printing timetables, discussing the day with the organisers from the town etc.

The lino flooring has been laid in the new toilet block which allows us to move on to the plumbing stage. Very nice it looks too! Photo attached.