Thursday, 8 August 2019

Progress Thursday 8th August 2019

Dear all,

Calm before the storm today with the DMU service. We hosted a couple of groups, one of which had walked the whole of the Ecclesbourne Way, setting off from Duffield around 08:00 this morning. Tomorrow features the only day of steam this week with it being the Diesel Gala on Saturday.

Speaking of which, those who have been watching Channel Webcam these last few days will have noticed 33102 "Sophie" being delivered from the Churnet Valley mid-afternoon on Tuesday ready for the gala this weekend. The event will reunite "Sophie" with classmate 33103 "Swordfish". Yesterday there were further movements as the LNER Gresley coach which has been restored on site by contractor returned home to Yorkshire but the work doesn't stop as another LNER coach arrived for him to do the same treatment to today.

Alot of gala prep has taken place over the last few days including fuelling, positioning of vehicles and most importantly marshalling two rakes of coaches as per the steam gala earlier in the year.

Volunteers were hard at work in the new building as this draws ever closer to completion and John continued painting inside the new toilet block.

78018 was warmed and prepared for service tomorrow.