Saturday, 6 April 2019

Progress Saturday 6th April 2019

Dear all,

A better day on the trains today than recent weeks with a good loading on the first train especially. Early doors a group arrived just for a tour round the yard which Richard duly enjoyed.

There was plenty of activity elsewhere as an extra camera was added to our CCTV system. This job doesn't sound very big but involved mounting aerials and access points along with running various cables. It took all day!

A contingent popped in from the ELR to fettled the Class 14 which leaves us for a little excursion to the GCR in the coming week before returning for our own diesel gala at the end of the month. Another contingent also came from our test customer to fettle the machine ready for Monday.

Final fettling of the Class 33 took place ahead of our own gala and running season and welding work recommenced on TSO 4440 after a hiatus (welder engaged on the Class 108).

The usual array of 8F group members were here too continuing their work on The Duke. The LMSCA are relieved to have stopped stuffing their new seats.