Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Progress Report Tuesday 16th April 2019

Dear All,

Our class 122 known as the 'Bubble Car' provided the traction today and the 11:15 service  departed Wirksworth station with standing room only. It was great to see the train full after moderate passenger numbers last month.

Down the yard there was much activity with the arrival of the first of our visiting steam locomotives. (pictured). Also pictured is the arrival of another steam locomotive named 'Wren" which will be featured on the miniature railway over the Easter weekend. The steam team were in attendance and Barclay locomotive Brian Harrison was in steam being made ready for a boiler inspection.

Rob was busy performing fitness to run examinations on the final two coaches that will form the consist for the summer trains. The new station building is progressing well with further roof tiles being fitted as well as work on the new toilets. The station cafe team were in creative mode and have come up with an exciting new product for the summer.  Watch this space!

Supporting today's train service was the Association shop, the station cafe,  miniature railway and Booking Hall staff.

A most enjoyable day.

All the best, Tom