Saturday, 20 April 2019

Progress Report Saturday 20th April 2019

Dear All,
What a fantastic day! The glorious weather brought out the crowds of which many were visiting Derbyshire for the Holidays and had chosen to spend Easter Saturday with us and they weren't disappointed. The Family Circus (pictured) was a most popular attraction with our younger visitors and both the miniature and narrow gauge railways were in operation and enjoyed record numbers of passengers. 

Our catering staff were kept busy throughout the day and the demand for ice cream was so high that an extra trip to the suppliers is scheduled for this evening to replenish stocks.

My grateful thanks to all the train crews who ensured our services ran to schedule and a special mention to the cafe staff who provided our footplate crews with a constant supply of water to keep them hydrated in uncomfortably hot conditions. A further thanks to our diesel shunters who stayed late to shunt the stock to platform one enabling the steam crew to dispose of the engine as soon as it finished the last service.

Here's hoping for more of the same for the rest of the holidays!

All the best,