Monday, 4 March 2019

Progress Report Sunday 3rd March 2019

Hi all,

A rather wet and blustery day as Storm Freya gave her best, thankfully not creating any real issues for us, merely a small branch which was dealt with by our train crew. Quite understandably passenger numbers were low with the given forecast so with this opportunity the catering department took to further planning upcoming events with several exciting possibilities! Watch this space!

Down the yard, work continued on E53599 after major corridor end repairs were undertaken, with its return to service only a couple of weeks away, the vehicle was given a light examination and a few minor electrical issues fixed. Returning into the maintenance facility when the weather turned to have further corridor components re-fitted. Ben continued working on the Derby Lightweight trailer car restoration. And Oliver started the long process of de-winterisation on our diesel loco fleet, starting with 31601.

Team Station Building were also in today, making good progress with the interior fit out as the building nears exterior completion of Phase 1.

My thanks today for our volunteer teams, train crew, catering, booking offices and EVRA shop.

All the best