Sunday, 20 January 2019

Progress Sunday 20th January 2019

Dear all,

A much quieter day than yesterday it seems. One team spent the day tidying the car park making small inroads into this task. It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a short space of time. The other two worked on the Derby Lightweight trailer car which seems to be making progress quite quickly. They have constructed some seats as tests to make sure the reclaimed Class 117 first class frames fit a Derby interior properly and also made great progress in the cab which has original style controls and gauges.


Saturday, 19 January 2019

Progress Saturday 19th Jan 2019

Dear All,

It's been some time since I last had the pleasure of writing the daily report. This time I report to you as the Responsible Officer in my own right.

It would be easy to assume that because there was no train service today nothing happened on the Railway. I can assure you that this could not be further from the truth. Today Wirksworth yard was the scene of much activity.

In the shed 48624 group were cold rolling steel to for the Duke's boiler cladding rings. This was achieved by the ingenious use of a substantial home made rolling device. There also appeared to be some grinding taking place on the Duke's cab.

Further down the shed the DMU department were modifying seat frames for the first class compartment of the lightweight trailer car. Panelling fabrication was also being carried out for this vehicles cab. Nearby class 108 53599 had its corridor door trial fitted to much joyous success.

Another steam team duo were carrying out work on their new cabin amongst other jobs.

Not to be out done by all this the LMSCA were making seat bottoms and wall parts for BCK 27001 (Pictured). In the spirit of inter departmental cooperation they were also machining parts for the signal box at Shottle.

Across from there the Smith-Mason team were painting the floor of the cage area in their BSK.

A meeting of the HOPS team took place in the buffet.

A highly productive and satisfying day. Apologies if I have missed anything.



Thursday, 17 January 2019

Progress Thursday 17th January 2019

Dear all,

Can't believe we're over half way through January already, Christmas seems like ancient history!

It was the first day of really cold weather this winter but it didn't deter progress on a number of fronts. Most of it was down the line, with the PW team changing 6 sleepers in the Hazelwood vicinity as well as dealing with some accumulated brash. 

The Shottle signalbox project is coming on leaps and bounds with the 4 steel legs for the box being installed today ready to eventually receive the box. 

EVRAs SK returned from the Foxfield Railway today after spending the Christmas season on loan there. It is amazing to think that it wasn't in the too distant past that we didn't have any operational coaches so to loan one out and help another railway for a short time is great!

The Commercial Department were in full flow too working on new projects. More soon.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Progress Saturday 12th January 2019

Dear all,

Another January day which saw small pockets of activity at Wirksworth. The Class 108 which has received corridor end repairs had the draw hook prepared for refitting and nearby, the earlier version (the original Derby Lightweight) had further interior work take place.

A group came to fettle the Class 14 with a good check over and short test run completed. A small power fault was thrown up so it was useful as it enabled that to get sorted out. Interestingly, the Class 14 being sold to industry by BR was what prematurely ended the production of the Rolls-Royce Steelman (like "LJ Breeze") as it was cheaper for private industry to buy these secondhand locos rather than buying new. The 14 is fitted with a Paxman engine although they did experiment with the Rolls-Royce DV8 (same engine as "LJ Breeze") in one example, this loco being preserved. The gearing in a Class 14 is useful in preservation as it enables them to comfortably handle passenger trains.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Progress 10th January 2019

Dear all,

A chilly day in the valley saw vehicles in the yard positioned for upcoming work.

The PW team continued with their never-ending sleeper change quest in the Hazlewood vicinity too. The S&T dept cleared vegetation from around the site of where Shottle Signalbox will be so that it doesn't impose on the box once it is in position.

The first part of the new station building is coming along a treat with the roof sections starting to go together today. See photo.


Friday, 4 January 2019

Progress Friday 4th January 2019

Dear all,

A chilly but dry day enabled us to get down the remnants of Christmas. The decorations in the marquee were taken away and the Christmas tree on the platform removed. The Booking Office at Wirksworth also had the decorations put away into storage for another year.

In the engineerium, the corridor connection was forklifted on to one end of EVRA's TSO which is under restoration.

It certainly seems to be full steam ahead with the first third of the new building as contractors have been installing the beams to support the roof this week.  I wanted to take a photograph as some of the scaffold has been removed this afternoon but then realised it was dark.