Thursday, 14 June 2018

Progress Thursday 14th June 2018

Dear all,

A reasonable day on the trains today. The service was handled by Iris but it was well loaded most of the day. This is good for an out-of-holiday Thursday. It was helped by a group on the middle train who seemed to be very jovial. They enjoyed a meal in the café afterwards too.

Down the yard work continued on the examination of the Class 108 and also the renewal of guards van paneling. Previous water ingress had gradually damaged the panels.

The S&T dept had a day of gathering materials for constructing the base for the signalbox at Shottle. This will enable the former Oddingley box to be relocated to where we need it to be. These were gathered on a wagon ready for taking to site next week.

A duo spent the whole day with the fire extinguisher supplier doing the annual recertification. This is a bigger job than it sounds!