Sunday, 3 June 2018

Progress Report Sunday 3rd June 2018

Dear all,

Another day in glorious sunshine with good passengers numbers throughout but one that started off with a morning of many parts, parts drawn together by the common factor that they were all leaking! 

First news came from up the yard that the Jinty has developed a "water feature" where water shouldn't be and it had been failed. My thanks go to the DST who acted very quickly to arrange for alternative traction and crew to cover their services, more of that later. Shortly after this No3 hearing of the news that the Jinty was getting the day off decided that sounded a rather fine idea and promptly started also leaking water, today was clearly not a day for the RO to buy a lottery ticket! 

Iris was rudely awoken from her day off and put on duties on the incline and my thanks go to Graham, Joe and Pete who set sail in 33103 Swordfish with Chris, Howard and Pat as on train crew exactly on time for the first service. In view of all the above a remarkable effort, I might also add one of the guys was working on their birthday. Also my thanks go to Eric and Steve who crewed the inclined service for the rest of the day. Plans are already well advanced to return both steam locomotives to the former glory in the very near future.

Down the yard work was starting on the painting of Tim's brake van and in the engineerium work was finishing on the latest carriage which is going to look truly resplendent when it is revealed to the world in the near future. A coach party arrived in the morning to travel on the mainline service and a party travelled to Wirksworth later in the day to sample our food in the Pullman buffet which also had a busy day.

The bookshop reported a good takings and Duffield was also busy with as our passenger took advantage of the range of items on sale at our southern terminus. 

It was quite noticeable as the mainly services arrived at Wirksworth, the stream of smiles and thanks as people left us, we clearly continue to do many things very right.

As I sit here with my feet in a tray of tepid TVO I look back on a day of many challenges but one where we closed proceedings providing all promised services and sending away many happy customers. My thanks to everyone involved in todays successes. 

I leave you with a picture of Swordfish on final approach to Platform  2 in the glorious sunshine.

All the best