Thursday, 23 June 2016

Progress Thursday 23rd June 2016

Dear all,

Quite a muggy day today which saw a steady number use the train. Today won't break any records by a long way but it wasn't the quietest day of the month. Rather unusually and certainly for the first time this season, 100% of passengers today started their journey at Wirksworth.

The PW team were working down the line and managed to finish off the last 5 sleepers on the stretch south of Hazelwood. They've changed a very large amount over the last few weeks and will likely be relieved to have finished this. A delivery of ballast was received also to keep them busy next week.

The DMU Team continued their investigations as to why No.1 engine on 50253 won't run properly as well as continuing with the C examination on 51505. Dan was spotted working in the empty compartments on BSK 34625 as they start to go back together.