Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Progress Wednesday 15th October 2014

Dear all
A most interesting day with the test vehicle arriving from Northampton and a start to put it through its paces by Network Rail and their advisors. They were most ably looked after by Tony Watt and today's work ended with the machine returning to Northampton for some modifications with a return to us suggested next Monday.
The PWT went by road to bridge DJW17, this spans the river Ecclesbourne and has been identified as requiring some immediate attention, and made significant progress on a task that started as being outside their comfort zone. The materials were conveyed in bags by road and we should all give them great praise for undertaking this unusual repair to our infrastructure.
The LMSCA achieved some sanding of their BTO and prepared the Mark 1 SK for table installation. Lee made solid progress with EVRA's SK which is illustrated turning a rust inhibiting green and much body filler. Ted completed welding in new panels to their SO.
The Press Release announcing the novel approach to fund raising for the Permanent Way Department's bubble car has touched receptive nerves at the Derby Telegraph and Radio Derby with Leigh hosting visits from both parties to explain what will be achieved over the next 12 months with adequate finance in place.
The Booking Hall continued to deal with Santa bookings and created a certificate recognising the "bubble car" contributions purchased on line.
A most productive and gratifying day.
PS - I quite like the sounds on this
and a different take on a works train