Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Progress Tuesday 7th October 2014

Dear all
A wet, miserable, start to the day that gradually evolved into quite a pleasant, if cold, afternoon. The service was supported by the EVRA shop and Model Railway and was, quite surprisingly, well supported. The whole line was track patrolled through the day and our regular customer visited to recallibrate their "walking sticks". The DST concentrated on the couplings of Henry Ellison and drained the water as the locomotive is prepared for the winter, No 3 was cleaned and prepared for its last outing at the Model Railway Weekend.
The PWT, as illustrated, concentrated in restoring the track past the former dust dock back to use by jacking and packing in the traditional way. The LMSCA moved their staging to the west side of the BTO so they can tend to the gutters on that side of the vehicle. Preparations were made to reglaze two cracked windows on the coach and prepare the north end for weather proofing.
The dmu team continued in their quest to recover parts from one of the newly arrived "Bubble Cars" that will be a stores vehicle that can be reused on the PWT vehicle.
The Pullman team entertained our Afternoon Tea customers as well as today's passengers and the Booking Hall at Wirksworth dealt with our passengers, undertook a limited Santa mailout to local schools and worked at the structure of the 2015 programme.
Another good day.
Two videos today showing yet more of Chicago and a dress rehearsal for the new terminal to be provided at Wirksworth over the next couple of years:-
A little more of The Loop - http://youtu.be/_Ff0IauMa8s
Wirksworth in 2016 - http://youtu.be/mID2_2Kv6Ig