Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Progress Tuesday 14th October 2014

Dear all
The PWT dismantled sleepers recovered from the relay of No 1 road past the former dust dock removing chairs and consigning the garden quality to the Car Park for onward sale. Work on the new cross over continued to fit missing screws and a broken kt plate. Bridge repairs to DJW17 started after the receiving 100 blue bricks and using today's service trains to deliver materials to site. This will be another first for the team as they follow recommendations from Network Rail's contractor on how to ensure this rail over river bridge is returned to health.
The DST have thoroughly cleaned No3 and Henry Ellison together with a final fit of new drawbar equipment to reduce the oscillation between No3 and coaching stock. The LMSCA continued with their BTO and TO projects and the dmu team positioned 55006 for cylinder head gasket repairs. They also provided the necessary cabling to ensure the centre car of their reformed 3 Car set remains with charged batteries. Anti corrosive green paint was applied to the dmu support coach where there was bare metal and the EVRA SK received similar treatment.
We also ran service trains today supported by the EVRA shop and Model Railway Exhibition. It was fairly bleak but we entertained our complement of Tuesday Afternoon Tea customers resulting in a modest take at Wirksworth and Duffield Booking Halls.
The inventive approach to funding the Permanent Way Department's railcar transport yielded early encouraging contributions and, if you are temped to help, I would recommend a visit to the web shop.
Yesterday the body of the steam crane left us for pastures new in Scunthorpe and it is really splendid that it will have a new life there. The photo shows it in action in February 2007 helping to remodel Wirksworth Yard.
A large number of committed people attended today's passenger department meeting devoted to progressing this year's Santa programme. I am grateful to everyone who participated in this operation so essential to our financial wellbeing.
PS Those of you who like steam there is a small interlude http://youtu.be/2aD2EZnA5zo
On the other hand electric power may be for you http://youtu.be/4iVJ2OjHDy4