Friday, 31 October 2014

Progress Thursday 30th October 2014

Dear all
Another surprisingly busy half term day and the last weekday train service of 2014. The train crew, EVRA shop and Model Railway made good hosts of today's visitors and I am grateful to John Ball who washed the exterior of the Model Railway cabin which was looking distinctly uncared for.
The LMSCA concentrated on the north end of their Mark 1 BSK which is illustrated showing the surgery required. This type of vehicle does suffer from the elements over the years.
The dmu team beavered away at reassembling the engines of the "Bubble Car" and reported steady progress despite seeming to have a rather large collection of vital parts that remained to be fitted. The team also commenced the "winterisation" process for their vehicles and accomplished a great deal of shunting in preparation for next week's track works.
Battery boxes were modified on the EVRA SO for the new electric system and steady progress was made in the preparation for repaint of their SK.
The Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield had a good day and Wirksworth continued with Santa and group bookings. The Pullman team served over thirty Station Master's VIP lunches and tended to our many "ordinary" passengers with many accolades.
A most satisfactory day.