Sunday, 19 October 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 19th of October 2014

Dear all,

Quite a pleasant autumn day here in the Gem of the Peak, we were delightfully busy with a selection of passengers, visitors and model railway enthusiasts, the Model Railway Exhibition having proved a great success once again this year.

Down the yard the DMU team spent the day moving a number of items, cleaning up after last nights vast Jazz train, and changing a water pump on unit 51188.

The arrival of a Duty Conscript took us by surprise and our surprise became rather larger when we discovered that he had enjoyed himself in the car park. Nearby, JCB Purves carried on with painting the Dust Dock wall and the expanse of magnolia now resulting would do credit to a starter home.

Finally, would all staff please note that due a cabling problem, there is currently no power in the shed or in the east side of the yard, please do not attempt to reset the power as you are unlikely to be able to find the key to the switchroom padlock.

All the best,