Friday, 31 October 2014

Progress Report Friday the 31st of October 2014

Dear all,

A pleasant almost warm day here in Wirksworth. The line was occupied for most of the day with the testing of a large yellow item, supervised by Buckby Safety Services. Meanwhile, down the yard various carriage restoration work was being progressed by Sharpe Enterprises and EVRA.

The LMSCA were doing much the same with the end of the BSK, which at the moment is more of a veranda than an end.

The Station Foremen, ever occupied with keeping the place from falling to bits, were busy with the business of lighting, using some of our specially purchased prison-themed floodlights: the yard now being complete with the Armley, the Parkhurst, the Broadmoor and the Wandsworth.

Also around the Station, Perkins Pressurewashers completed the washing of the service train ready for tomorrows winter timetable.

All the best,