Thursday, 3 April 2014

Progress Thursday 4th April 2014

Dear all
It has been a dull dank day with a taste of a return to winter. If sand is being shipped at high level from the Sahara it should be at least warm!
The dmu team puzzled over L J Breeze's disgrace yesterday and with their ace, Graham, seem to have detected and rectified the problem which lead to the planned stock moved being achieved by this locomotive. The movements were designed to ready us for tomorrow's diesel and steam experience days.
The team also began to prepare the LMS Brakevan for a new roofing which involved removing numerous felt tacks that had been left behind when the old felt blew off in the winter gales.
The VCT continued with their mountain goat activities north of Cemetery Lane which we hope will assist this area finally drying out and the Pullman Buffet Car had quite a busy day from visitors and staff.
The Booking Hall was again assailed by phone calls from Amazon customers for the Afternoon Tea and Train product with the total so far reaching a spectacular 103 bookings. This along with the on line sale of two bronze diesel experiences made for a most productive day. The new flat pack sales island arrived and was assembled as shown in today's photo. Retail sales have blossomed this year with the re-configuration and redecoration of the Booking Hall with today's addition making further progress in this area possible.