Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Progress 1st April 2014

Dear all
Today was our first service Tuesday and the team swung into action to welcome our passengers. Two of today's team are seen dealing with today's pressures in the pleasant Spring time warmth.
Fred and Iris returned to their task of cleansing the Mess Hall which, I hope, is beginning to be realised by those volunteers that make use of the facility although the donation of milk seems to defeat most of the team. The dmu group tended to the electrics on the Met-Cam centre car and the DST reduced Cathryn to further parts involving the main frame and horn guides. The disassembling and renovation will ensure when the loco is put back together it will be as new. The other part of the DST reports great progress with the fitting of the ability to steam heat to Henry Ellison. All part of the master plan for the future.
The VCT have been tackling the difficult area north of Cemetery Lane bridge where they had to have the skills of mountain goats but with six men and the creation of two fire they are making steady progress. They did report that they have discovered early cave dwellings with some suspicious burnt bones that indicted an earlier prehistoric version of the VCT.
The PWT completed the demolition of the fuel tank area and removal of the two tanks there. Construction of an alternative site for the fuel tank took shape and a Lowmac was emptied of timbers ready for its next role. The PWT also benefitted from the "Sage of Devon" with a brief welcome return of Phil Tarry whose humour hasn't improved by his absence - but we love him!
The M1M approached the completion of the new wiring one of the EVRA coaches and the SBT had a very productive day with sleepers located for the future flower bed area and the installation of kerb stones outside the station building.
The LMSCA installed the bump stops for the refitted doors on their Third Open, steamed some more roof sticks and completed a coat of gloss black on the guttering.
Anne looked after the Pullman Buffet Car in circumstances outlined below which was coupled with Martin, the chef, learning that his father had been taken into hospital with a heart attack.
Some extremely sad news reached us this morning which affected Angela as she arrived with us. Her husband, John, had died at the wheel of his lorry delivering a load into East London. Despite valiant efforts he was declared dead at Romford Hospital. I am sure everyone will wish me to give Angela our sincere and heartfelt sympathy in what must be the most difficult time in her life.