Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bah Humbug progress Christmas eve 2013.

Plenty of people around the railway today from LMSCA and the steam team. However, since they decamped long before we returned we haven't the slightest idea what they were doing today- though I suspect more of the usual.

P Way trundled off to Shottle with the Komatsu and the land rover with tools since no breeze driver was forthcoming. This allowed us a useful check on the line for fallen trees etc.

Land was levelled out on the down side of the loop to form a stock ground for all the unused copings laid around the site and said copings were duly removed to their long term resting place. The turned out rail in the up side track was replaced along with all the missing fish bolts on the up side of the loop. A rail has been removed at the south end of the down side loop for protection so we can use this side for the works train during further works. Points at each end of the loop have been normalised, clipped, scotched and the switch blades secured with fishplates in the time honoured manner for out of use points pending their connection to ground frames in the near future. This means that from today up and down trains will travel through Shottle station on the up side track and although the platform wall is now complete the platform surface remains to be done so trains will not stop here just yet,.A lot of work completed by a gang of four.

Did you know that days off during Christmas holidays since the dinosaurs vanished has been approx 130 million days which equates world wide to approx 390 trillion trillion man days of wasted labour. And people moan there just isn't enough time to do anything- well I know the cure for that! Bah Humbug.

Cheers MKT.