Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Progress Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Dear all
Quite a bleak day if not too cold that contained a large number of activities. The PWT set off for Shottle to sort and cut some 3 tones of scrap permanent way, or not so permanent, to raise funds for future developments. The VCT also headed south to cleanse another section of the line just approaching the Duffield straight with two large fires and liaised with the Komatsu flailing as the lineside has been attacked towards the Holloway Road foot crossing. These catch up tasks are most welcome as running days over whole allow more access to areas that have had to have been necessarily neglected due to the volume of activity.
The dmu team tackled the unusual failure of Iris on Sunday and shunted the loco hauled stock to Platform 1 to allow the LMSCA to prepare for seat replacement in another compartment of their BR Mark 1 SK. The M1M completed reflooring at the south end of their Second Open and the Asset Manager, with some technical assistance, researched the battery failure on the Track Recording Machine. Progress was made with the fitting out of the Pullman First Open with tasteful table lights and the participation of the vehicle in the new Santa offerings.
The LMSCA also made considerable progress with the re-roofing of the Third Open. It was good to see Henry Ellison back in traffic for today's steam experience customers who had a super day with thanks to Bob, Fred and John.
The Pullman Buffet Car looked after today's experience customers together with the train crew and the Booking Hall continued to service a satisfactory number of online bookings as well as hosting a Santa planning meeting. The Filing Fairy was in assertive mode as she drives our compliance with competences forward.
PS - Today's photo is a reminded that we hosted an UIC (European) gauge vehicle that was the precursor of the UK gauge vehicle which spend some time with us last year. Platforms and bridges provided some obstacles for the vehicle illustrated.