Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Progress Wednesday 29th August 2012

Dear all
Until the early evening the day has been extremely wet lowering our visitor count to single figures. Nonetheless the PWT rejoiced in the return of LJB to service and commenced activities by discharging the Flatrol of its garden quality sleepers and then went on to fill two Dogfish, with the aid of the Komatsu, with ballast recovered from the former Gorsey Bank line. After lunch this was tripped to Shottle for the north pointwork and sleepers for relaying under Cemetery Lane bridge loaded up.
The LCC gave the 3 Car set a good clean and dmu maintenance continued. Fitting of some rather pleasing table lights in the Pullman Second Open moved forward as we prepare for the darker evenings.
The Filing Fairy continued her good work and the Pullman Buffet Car welcomed the few that ventured out today.
The Booking Hall processed a pleasant flurry of on line bookings with the Day Rover featuring at the moment.
Better weather is promised for the next few days to lift the spirits.