Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Progress Tuesday 14th August 2012

Dear all
A most unusual day with events conspiring to test our metal.
The normal Tuesday activities were going along with the LMSCA hosting a record 10 volunteers on their projects testing their ability to find meaningful work for the whole team. The DST gave No3 a full service including attention to an axle box that had become very warm after its exertions last Friday. They also kept the pressure on the reassembly of Henry Ellison. The dmu maintenance team were out in force as they commenced the work to change an engine on 51360.
Nathan has done sterling work to sparkle up the Training Room complex and there was the incessant sound of concrete peckering as the preparation work for the water supply to the new black tank progressed.
The interesting and challenging part of the day started with the Duffield service train ran low on fuel and had Iris attached to provide additional fuelled engines. There was then the call from Hazelwood that the 1510 Duffield to Wirksworth service had failed but was able to crawl back to Duffield. There then followed a classic rescue with the Class 33 that hauled the train to Wirksworth and then formed the heavily delayed 1620 Wirksworth to Duffield and return. This is the first time in our entire history that we have had a total train failure and I am extremely grateful to all the train crew, Rodney at Duffield and catering at Wirksworth who ensured our passengers were looked after and seemed to leave us with a smile.
Amongst all this the Booking Halls, Pullman Buffet Car and EVRA shop had quite a good day which benefited from warm sunshine rather than the rain that was forecast. Also helping us was yesterday's road closure of Coldwell Street was removed and normal access to Wirksworth Station is restored.