Sunday, 8 July 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 8th of July 2012

Dear all,

A pleasant, largely sunny and rather satisfying day here in the very
navel of the universe. The passenger service tootled up and down in its
quietly reliable way and we hosted a ladies 60th birthday: they were
fairly cheerful when they arrived and completely cheerful when they
left, having served themselves cider in their reserved carriage to
Duffield and back, followed by several cases of wine in the Pullman.

At Duffield the Station Foreman weeded the main line platforms, which
was much needed and attended to similar duties in our car park, before
returning the mower by train to Wirksworth, where it is required on Tuesday.

Down the yard the LMS brake van received further carpentry and further
paint. The south weighbridge was tidied having received its new floor,
and the search proceeded for the elusive electrical cable which once
served it, as well as the long suffering, and now long gone, but not
forgotten, ground signal WH1.

The Class 33 group arrived in time for a voluminous luncheon, and
proceeded to empty some water out of the 33 before taking an equally
voluminous afternoon tea, and then putting the water back. They then
carried on to polish their parts for the rest of the afternoon. We are
deeply proud of them.

A Clag of Engineers gathered around the class 119 and this project began
the day with an examination of the ball cock for the coolant tank, and
then undertook a mass of electrical work whose excellent outcome was
apparently slowed down by the Crappy Crimpers. Naturally I had no idea
that the 119 contained a ball cock, or indeed that the DMU team
contained so many lousy hairdressers.

All the best,