Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Progress Tuesday 6th March 2012

Dear all
Exhausted of Wirksworth by the sheer number of people that populated our site today. The LMSCA reported a further four floor panels have been fixed in 27001 and the Buffet Car project moved on at some speed as deadlines approach. Many thanks to David Woodhouse who has pitched in to help these deadlines be met. The DST have been assured that their work on No3 has been satisfactory and have started to put the locomotive back together but delivered the news that it may not achieve its first paid for steaming on 30th March which has made me somewhat liverish as one of our first guests is flying in from Malaysia. They also made further progress with Henry Ellison with work on the frame and the boiler. Nonetheless, these locos have to earn their keep rather than be charming museum exhibits!
The PWT benefited from the most pleasant, if cool, weather today with a near record of 26 sleepers changed between Gorsey Bank and Idridgehay and straightened six sleepers that were poorly aligned.
The Komatsu and supporting staff continued the grading of the track bed of the Shottle loop that involved the gathering of sugar stone, fairly large lumps of limestone, that had been deposited by a derailment in the last century, putting the product to good use as a base.
Our Railvac customer continued their assessment of the new build machine in the Car Park before tests start in ernest. The VCT achieved yet a new record with a six fire day in the area south of Old Lane bridge. You have to say they never cease to amaze! They also used concrete posts recovered some while ago to help restore the fence line in their area of work.
A temporary Booking Office has been ordered for Duffield which will look strangely like a garden shed but in a tasteful shade of grey. The Booking Hall was in go mode with useful banking from the previous seven days and held a meeting of the Booking Hall team in preparation for the upcoming season.
Several applications for the new catering positions have been received and Angela is arranging to meet and interview prospective employees.