Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Progress Tuesday 27th March 2012

Dear all
Some 40 people on our Railway today were undertaking a vast range of jobs. Bob Swepstone had another mentoring session with the track patrol and propelled his track recording device on the Wirksworth to Idridgehay section which will reveal whether there are minor or major track faults. The PWT completed the project to plain line the pointwork north of the former Dust Dock and also extended Road 2 northwards towards Rowsley. Rearrangement of the trolleys and their sleepers in that area will allow the water tank wagon to be berthed there and eventually connected to the overflow of the static tank at the base of the Incline as we seek to streamline the delivery of water to our steam engines.
A major shunt took place to fill the water tank on the Incline, move the First Open to a position where its painting can be finalised and place the Stanier BTO adjacent to the Weighbridge for further welding. The shunt also prepared tomorrow's works train read for a prompt departure.
Much progress with the Buffet Car today as the counter began to take shape, Joe attacked the grimy windows on the east side and the Lone Carriage Cleaner gave the former guards area a clean removing some thirty years of accumulated dirt. Then LCC also gave the two car dmu used over the weekend a makeover. Much progress was also made with the renovation of the Bubble Car.
The Multicar was readied for the start of the weed treatment season and Richard P walked around the Wirksworth site with a hand held treatment system. In addition to the movement of their vehicle the LMSCA continued with the floor of the BTO and welding of fixing brackets for the floor. The VCT dealt with two areas, one in the morning that saw two fires in the area of Bridge DJW6 and in the afternoon a further two fires in the area of Milepost 133 3/4. Their day was also orientated around the Duchess of Sutherland passing through Duffield - twice.
The DTT which has now been reduced to a team of one spent the day curing leaks and completing the final electrical installation. There was a mite of assistance with a kango hammer to shape the concrete plinth to allow easy access to the Ladies toilet. The footpath along the former Down Slow Platform was weed treated. The Filing Fairy is getting ever more assertive as she homes in on missing paperwork - wonderful stuff!
The DST made progress on their steam ventures and the Booking Hall brought the accounts up to date and reported on yet more group booking activity.