Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Progress Tuesday 20th March 2012

Dear all
The main act of the day was the first demonstration event for the Railvac which was centred around the base of the Incline. The machine delved deep into the clay base with great effect and this was followed up by the installation of a membrane. Our very own Komatsu delivered replacement granite ballast and a gang of contractors packed the void with the age old technique of shovels. The Railvac then demonstrated its ability to create an under track drain and catch pit to the wonderment of the gathered guests and potential customers.
Angela tested some of our new team of weekday catering personnel preparing a buffet for our customer and their customers. This all passed muster very well and was a precursor to the next couple of days.
The VCT were out in force just north of "willow crossing" and had a three fire day together with repairing some 300 yards of fencing. Their continued endeavour remains a vital part of our long term wellbeing.
The DTT reported further plumbing installation, decorating and fixing but recognised that their goal of the first flush still eludes them. The flat pack Duffield Booking Office arrived a day early and was loaded into Saturdays service train for delivery to site. The wiring associated with our new webcam installation was tidied up now that the system has proved itself to an appreciative audience.
The PWT went fairly quietly about their business changing some 23 sleepers between Callow Park and Derby Road No2 bridges together with a couple of broken base plates.
The Buffet Car project was in full production as the weekend deadline approaches. Much progress was made with the First Open in the unseasonably pleasant weather with cream undercoat applied to the east side and "madder" undercoat completed on the west side. In parallel the Bubble Car guards door frame made progress with an unique steam timber bending device.
The LMSCA installed another floor panel in the Brake Third Open with five out of sixteen now achieved. The DST managed to weave in amongst our customer's activities the reuniting of No3's water tank with its host locomotive. Much effort was spent to reconnect everything ready for a steam test tomorrow.
Fred and Iris gave the Mess Hall a very welcome good do and the Booking Hall completed the accounting for the diesel weekend and welcomed a welter of visitors.
A most satisfactory day