Thursday, 8 March 2012

Progress Thursday 8th March 2012

Dear all
We start today with the Buffet Car where a floor sander had been hired and achieved a splendid result which will allow sealing in the area between the counter and the new carpet that will be fitted next week. David W has provided assistance to the project by applying another form of sealant that will stop the chip board units being damaged by water.
The other major project saw John S working on his own at Duffield reporting further tiling progress and the boxing in of pipework. The VCT have been out and about in the area south of Old lane bridge but I haven't been advised of the fire count.
Much activity on the dmu front with the service unit given an exterior wash, Iris's air axle light fault has been remedied and the units fuelled for the weekend's services. The Bubble car moved into the phase of being sanded down and prepared for painting.
The Booking Hall continued to process future bookings. I and other members of our team attended the memorial service for Fred Morton that was overwhelmed by quite a crowd indicating how respected he was in the many areas he was involved in. The location in Rowsley was quite appropriate as the graveyard was bounded by the trackbed of the former Midland main line and there were the ghosts of freights being banked northwards and perhaps the hum of the Midland Pullman as it whisked its lucky passengers by this charming spot.
Also, it was good to see Mike Craft at Wirksworth Station after his quite invasive knee operation and less good news from Alex Thompson after Network Rail rejected his application to join the Company.
Mick Thomas ably looked after our customer for their EMC testing day although we remain a little baffled about quite what they want from us. Perhaps there is a language problem but we remain ready to serve!