Sunday, 11 March 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 11th of March 2012

Dear all,

A fantabulous sunny day in Wirksworth brought out many visitors,
cyclists and painters: I hardly know where to start. Down the yard, the
LMS brake van received light grey paint as well as white handrails,
before it got shunted as part of Shunt of Month. This involved clearing
the various running lines ready for next week, and filing things in
various places. In the afternoon, once the brake van team had
rediscovered their vehicle, these efforts continued, interspersed with
painting the Long Low (a kind of flat wagon). The painters were also
fully occupied with the interior of the Pullman Buffet, now tasteful in
cream and Fing Umber Orient (brown to the rest of you). Meanwhile the
ladies floor was also painted: Please do not open the Ladies tomorrow,
unless grey soles are a fashion item.

Down the yard, or at least that part of it that appeared to be in
platform 1, the grinding, washing and scrubbing of railcar 51505
proceeded apace, and after the shunting, the scrubbers did the outside
of railcars 59303 and 51360. This frenzy of cleaning extended to the
Duty Conscript who was despatched to scrub Gorsey Bank Crossing gates,
which had become Manky Green during the winter, instead of brilliant
white. Indeed, there were hardly enough scrubbers in the whole of
Wirksworth to cope. Meanwhile the Guerilla Gardeners had appeared in
force and no end of gardening was taking place on the embankment.

Various preparations for next week were in hand including assembling the
three car unit and a mind boggling amount of driver familiarisation in
the class 31, after a mound of training paperwork was cogitated. At
Duffield, the class 31 duly appeared during the Passenger Dept Meeting
and the filling of potholes commenced. Back at Wirksworth, Cooke's
Bricklayer's and Cement Droppers attended to the South Weighbridge, as
the first stage of its conversion into the Station Workshop.

Finally, a footnote from yesterday, where yours truly was tidying up the
platform at Idridgehay when a party of walkers turned up: "Train's here"
said one. "We love this railway," said another... "its always on time".

All the best,