Monday, 19 March 2012

Progress Monday 19th March 2012

Dear all
A fairly crazy day for a normally quiet Monday with our customer receiving quantities of equipment, ballast and pea shingle that will play their part in three days of demonstrations of the powers of the new machine. Mick and I confirmed what was required of us for the rest of the week and I am sure all that is demanded of us will be delivered. It was very warming to see some 150 tonnes of Mountsorrel's finest ballast being delivered by La Farge and various diggers and JCBs. A photo is attached of the Railvac hovering up some 18 tonnes of pea shingle also included in today's deliveries.
Other equally exciting work achieved was great progress with the First Open where the east side top coat of "fing umber orient" was applied to the east side gutter stripe and north and south doors. "madder" undercoat was applied to the lower body of the east and west side of the coach.
The Buffet Car project inched forward with more work top and unit installation achieved. The Lone Carriage Cleaner put a great deal of effort into the Second Open that will be the centre of operations for our customer's catering over the next three days, washed a great number of pots and gave a further clean of part of the Buffet Car ceiling.
The Komatsu was returned to Wirksworth and the road/rail dumper was also prepared for use over the next three days.
The Booking Hall received a few visitors and phone calls that didn't interrupt life too much for its occupant allowing appreciation of today's offerings on Radio 3.