Friday, 9 March 2012

Progress Friday 9th March 2012

Dear all
It has been quite a day for a Friday when all is usually calm and quiet. Robin who is in the lead with our contact at Birmingham University arranged for a radio signal strength test which produced a rather unimpressive result but will lead us to further options for resolution of a modern solution to passing trains at Shottle. All this is pioneering work that will take some time to work up to a practical and economic resolution of this addition to our infrastructure.
The Class 33 team continued to ready the loco for its role in the diesel weekend and Rod & Mary fitted two new foot boards to the Pullman Second Open. This work is key to permitting our new Pullman set to travel the line in the future and I am most grateful for this contribution. Unsung and unemotional work like this really moves our project forward allowing for future revenue streams that will keep our enterprise alive.
John Allsop has sanded and filled both side of the First Open and completed the first stage of work at the ends of the carriage. The Buffet Car saw June and a new recruit, Luke, clean and sand the walls for the painter arriving tomorrow whilst John connected both water and power to the kitchen area of the vehicle. All have done magnificent work as the deadline for completion rushes towards us. I have noted June's request for a reward with a certain brand made in Scotland and will see if my pension can extend to this desire.
Fulsome praise for Chris and Leigh who have had some dramas with our new webcams that have largely been funded by some generous donations. As you will have seen these are now on line and will, hopefully, please our long distance enthusiasts. Some tweaking is still to be done but virtually everyone visiting Wirksworth is on camera now!
I did have quite a glow as all the efforts to make the Training Room, by Chris, a plus for our mytesttrack offer saw today's customer with 4 laptops connected into our network. Quite a surprise for them as I think they thought we were somewhat of a hick outfit but their respect for us is rising quite quickly.
The Booking Hall activity was somewhat diverted as attempts to stem the inflow of water to the Training Room were coupled to the application of filler to some of the more rotten areas of the interior of the Buffet Car. We forget that this vehicle started life in the 1950s and has survived various transformations in its 60 year life. It will now be a key earning area for our enterprise.
A big thank you to all involved in today's activities.