Friday, 30 March 2012

Progress Friday 30th March 2012

Dear all
The day started with the Multicar setting off with Richard P and Tony W to start our weed treatment season. Because of the excitements of the Duffield opening last year we never really got on top of this essential area of activity but there is a determination to ensure 2012 will be weed free.
A rather earlier start by Neil ensured No3 was ready to roll at 1000 to cater for today's steam experience clients who thoroughly enjoyed their day in the care of Neil Hardwick, Mick Thomas and Tom Tait. After lunch they participated in No3's journey to Shottle and returned in fine style with a short freight train. The participants from Kuala Lumpur, Mansfield and Bombardier Derby expressed great satisfaction with their day with us. Angela ensured the inner man was fed at lunchtime.Tremendous good will from people who had little knowledge of our existence beforehand.
Much praise and thanks to the Lone Carriage Cleaner, Jacqueline Ferguson-Lee, Joe Ruddock and the dmu team who achieved a great deal to assist John and Angela to ensure the Pullman Buffet Car can trade tomorrow and thereafter for seven days a week. A photo is attached that reveals the LCC and the new look Buffet Car.
The First Open is now complete and, all being well, will join the Second Open next Tuesday representing the culmination of this project that has occupied the winter months. John will return in a couple of weeks to line out the three vehicles and apply the branding that we wish to trade on.
The Class 119 presented Leigh and Ben with some challenges that were overcome and Anton masterminded the bijou Duffield Booking Office being ready for business tomorrow, indeed he is still at it as I write.
As an honorary Booking Clerk for a period today I managed to hoover out a few more pounds from our experience customers and a group of four who had last visited us in 2003. They noticed a few changes in the intervening years!
I do have to wax lyrical again about the Buffet Car which demonstrated the best traditions of our Railway where representatives of many "departments" pulled together to get the job done. There is a little more to do next week but we should be all singing and dancing by the Easter weekend.