Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday 23rd February 2012

Dear all
Another day that stretched, or sweated, all our resources.Yesterday's road/rail customer satisfied the Vehicle Acceptance Body that their machine could do all that was necessary on the Tyne and Wear Metro and their representatives were on site to see all was well. Our second customer of the day was new to us but, inevitably, contained a familiar face. All the activity centred on the Incline and they declared they had a most productive day. Eric looked after Customer 1 and Mick T looked after Customer 2 and I am most grateful for this. Customer 2 was lead by a native of Barnsley and there was something of a Barnsley fest as our Mick hails from that Town.
John completed the cream on the Second Open and the bogies and solebar were transformed by the application of gloss black. The unpleasant part of this was the removal of the products of the track discharge toilet. The jumper cables also had their first coat of orange and the overall standard of finish is quite spectacular given our primitive conditions.
The Buffet Car project continued with materials being sourced and a sink unit changed. The PWT were banished for the day to the area around Ken Rowlands crossing and achieved 10 sleeper changes and the replacement of a cracked fishplate. I also failed to report yesterday that further cleansing of the Shottle site warmed the bodies of those participating.
The VCT were also unimpeded today and made further inroads to the lineside vegetation south of Old Lane bridge. The dmu team resolved the defective handbrake on 51360, fitted a new desk piece into the vehicle and renewed the brake blocks on the north end bogie. The Bubble Car project also benefited from another piece of steel let into the roof area.
The DTT worked solidly through the week with a cut of the adjacent concrete plinth to allow one of the new doors to open satisfactorily, completion of most of the internal boarding has been done and the linings around the doors resolved. The unsung team of two are working wonders on this building and it is anticipated that tiling will start next week.
The Booking Hall continued to keep the forward bookings up to date and Anton, brought out by the warm sunshine, continued with the painting of the exterior of the station buildings.
Many compliments have been received about the new webcam pictures and there is still an opportunity to see more of these little wonders by following the PayPal link on the web site. Remember it is not only the acquisition of more cameras but the application of the dedicated twosome that ensure they are hauled up poles and work for your pleasure.