Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Progress Wednesday 8th February 2012

Dear all,
Another most impressive turn out in the most unpleasant conditions where any personal extremities are at high risk. The Filing Fairy and I bonded in a clerical atmosphere leaving husband of Filing Fairy to accompany today's track patrol. This was achieved on foot for the Wirksworth to Ravenstor section and the de luxe Landrover for the Wirksworth to Duffield section. This was not without considerable effort as the Track Recording Trolley was propelled by hand ahead of the Landrover from Shottle to Duffield. The cold affected the paper read out and we hope the storage chip has retained all the necessary information. During the patrol the flangeways at our two level crossing were cleared in advance of a charter train on Saturday.
The remainder of the PWT continued to develop Shottle loop with some difficulty but a further two panels of rail have been prepared and the process of tidying up redundant sleepers was achieved. John continued Pullmanising, a new word, the Second Open and a photo is attached to give a clue how this work is progressing. Not an easy location for good pic.
The EVRA shop modifications continued and the Museum is presentable for Saturday. The Booking Hall fielded an ever increasing volume of phone calls and we were please to welcome Phil Tarry back for a fix of his favourite Railway.
Again, grateful thanks to all who turned out in the most unpleasant of conditions.