Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Progress Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Dear all
This is the second attempt as the power keeps going on and off, it's like living in the third world, after visiting the Malt Shovel for a post endeavour reviver where the Scottish product is gravity fed thank goodness.
However, onwards and upwards before my ramblings are destroyed again. Two customers today, the first accomplishing vibration and noise testing on a road/rail vehicle for the Tyne and Wear Metro and the second demonstrating a new trolley under the watchful eye of London Underground. The team of Mick Thomas, Lewis and Eric Boultbee looked after these welcome visitors very well and Eric's first experience of MTT was certainly an eye opener.
The PWT were banished to Shottle and achieve some 26 sleepers drilled, plated and spiked for the lop project in the most miserable of conditions.
John is on the last lap with the Second Open with completion expected next week to allow the First Open to be processed through March. The Buffet Car renovation benefited from some extra pairs of hands as the completion date of mid March rushes towards us.
The Lone Carriage Cleaner tackled the interior windows and trim of the two car set with some advice and guidance about aligning the screws. She coped with this without batting an eyelid - this woman is a saint!
The Booking Hall and reluctant computer boffin achieved great progress with the restoration of the first web cam to be replaced. The end result is now visible on line - unless the power cuts have switched it off again.
A very good day.