Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Progress Tuesday 14th February 2012

Dear all
Valentine's day saw another huge turnout before the teams bought their partners all the necessary ingredients for a pleasant evening, or I hope they did and live to tell the tale.
Duffield had the attention of bargeboard painting on the Mess Hut and some trial renovation of the interior together with the manufacture of improvements to the Hut's security. The DTT reported that all drainage is connected to the new toilets which is another achievement in this most important of our pre-season projects. The other vital pre-season work is the revision of the interior of the Buffet Car and this is really gaining pace. Many thanks to Eric who gave the working area a very deep clean before the new units are installed and to John who put in a very full day in an attempt to complete the work on schedule.
The VCT continued their endeavours south of Old Lane bridge, DJW 11, and the views of the Railway from the main road are spectacular opening up some delightful photographic opportunities that haven't been available for, maybe, 60 years or so. They had a splendid 3 fires and exposed yet another culvert under the Railway which will exercise our Asset Manager as it is nearly silted up.
The PWT set forth to change sleepers as the weather moderated and changed 18 in the area of the sewage works bridge north of Ken Rowlands crossing. The Track Recording Trolley had an intensive day as its performance was calibrated against a known distance and physical track gauge and twist measurements. The trolley was confirmed as highly accurate and a run on the Incline was achieved with the results to now be analyzed.
The DST reported the Henry Ellison's injectors were completely fettled and the associated pipe work straightened ready for their fitment once the boiler and tank return to the chassis. Work continued to ready the boiler for testing by the Inspector.
The Filing Fairy became more aggressive as she homes in on errant record keeping so necessary to our continued existence. I am sure those of you involved know there is no escape from this whirlwind.
The Bubble Car work continued unabated and the Second Open had its final coat of gloss Umber on the East Side and first gloss Umber on the West side. Movement of the coach on Thursday will allow the West side to be completed. Flailing took place in the Jebbs Lane area and the race is on to complete the whole line before limitations on this activity start in early Spring.
The Booking Hall had a morning of bring the accounts up to date and the afternoon progressing the enhancement of the Idridgehay raised platform area.
Our international status was confirmed by a further purchase of shares by our member in Cape Town and an email from Nova Scotia enquiring when the web cams would be on line again - a problem that is occupying some time to resolve.