Thursday, 9 February 2012

Progress Thursday 9th February 2012

Dear all
Arctic conditions again reflecting huge credit on all who turned up for a variety of tasks. The PWT decamped to Shottle and cleansed a further 200 metre of loop track bed, finalised a panel of track and disposed of more trackside debris. The dmu team responded to the challenge of the forthcoming weekend ensuring the two car set was ready for its Duffield excursion and Iriis was ready for its Ravenstor runs on Saturday.
The EVRA shop has been tastefully rearranged for the weekend as well and further progress has been made with the "Bubble Car" and the Second Open. The reconstruction of the Buffet Car interior has inched forward and the DTT has received a vast quantity of material for the toilet project. Special thanks to Tony Watts who has donated the necessary light fittings and the equally necessary "vacant" and "engaged" toilet door locks. It's amazing what the Watt has in his garage.
A special thanks to John Evans who has done an amazing amount of gritting and salting of the routes to the Training Room, Museum, Platform 3 and Ravenstor Platform. However, he did reveal his (tax free) pension that allows him a lot of endeavour.
The dmu team are to be commended for all their work to ensure Saturday's trains are ready to roll so that our guests are warm and welcome. The Booking Hall continued to field a high level of calls as we march on the consciousness of the wider world.
A special mention of Mike Craft who entered the portals of the Royal Derby Hospital for the replacement of his right knee joint today. As far as we know the operation was completed and all is well. No doubt he will command his empire from the wheelchair for a few weeks.
Also, David Gratton, who many will have seen racing up and down the Car Park in his buggy, has been hospitalised and we await news of his progress.
I am sure you will join me in wishing these stalwarts a speedy recovery.