Thursday, 16 February 2012

Progress Thursday 16th February 2012

Dear all
Much of the day at Wirksworth was taken up by a major shunt to move the Second Open from one side of the Maintenance Facility to the other so that the painting can be completed. All shunting is neither simple or swift and today's activity was hampered by the defunct L J Breeze and the peculiararity of the Second Open that it only has a sensible coupling at one end. Nonetheless the task was achieved and the attached photo shows the splendid East side and the man who has done all the work, John Allsop.
The PWT quietly continued their work on Shottle loop with a further panel of track fully completed. More lineside debris was disposed of and some rail unloaded ready for more progress there.
The Buffet Car is noticeably changing inside as the back panels for the new units are installed and you can begin to envisage the end product. There was a paint stained Anton who deposited some of the product on the exterior of the Booking Hall and the VCT made impressive progress in the Old Lane bridge area with a three fire day again.
The sticking handbrake on dmu car 51360 was finally released after a great deal of effort causing those involved to be very black which I am told is character building.
When the Second Open had moved the Umber Gloss was largely completed with the Lancastrian Cream to be applied to the West side next week.
The Booking Hall was kept busy and updated the Catering section of the web site and had a further electronic push at the Diesel Weekend.