Friday, 3 February 2012

Progress Friday 3rd February 2012

Dear all,

A day where the temperature was in negative figures all day.

The DMU team ate chips, the Pioneer Diesel Group ate cake and the Passenger Department drank tea....

...and thats it!

Wait, no. Today significant progress was made. The DMU team performed a successful test run to Duffield of E51505 concluding the first part of the refurbishment. This was a very useful exercise as the vehicle hasn't moved out of the yard since May. It was at Duffield where they sampled the chips.

Work continued on the bubble car bodywork refurb.

The Pioneer Diesel Group have accomplished one of their main missions on 33035 today. Late in the afternoon, with the temperatures freezing off their fingers, they stood back tentatively as they started up the Sulzer engine. A cautious press of the right button followed by a sigh of relief as the "Train Heat On" light came on for the first time in preservation. Well done to them! A little testing with actual coaches is to follow but all seems good so far.

The Passenger Department did their usual Friday admin and the Pullman Painter did a coat of Lancastrian Cream on the coach that will be hauled by the 33. 

A good day,