Friday, 5 February 2010

Progress Friday 5th February 2010

Dear all
It was good to welcome a visitor from the Swanage Railway who had come to look at the unpowered driving trailer dmu advertised for sale by Railcar Enterprises after proving unsuitable for our own services. The redundant dmu bogie was moved to the Car Park for cutting up next week and the alternator belts on LJB were tightened up to ensure the battery is being recharged properly.
The IMT concentrated on recovering pointwork components from the former Wash Green trap point and the point leading into the former "bogie" siding at Cemetery Lane that are needed to complete the Duffield installation. Heavy work but satisfying in as much as all the bits and pieces are now ready for transfer to Duffield next week.
The Ground Frames for Duffield are steadily taking shape with much metal bashing taking place with the objective that they can be eventually lifted into place as complete units with minimal work needed on site.
To round off the day the Dogfish were shunted into the Wash Green Dock for loading with ballast on Monday.