Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wednesday 15th July 2009

Dear all
The British weather conspired against us again today but continued remarkable progress was made in spite of the downpours. The Permanent Way team inched ever closer to Duffield with 17 sleepers changed approaching MP135 3/4 and DRE used the Komatsu 130 to sort a great deal of pointwork stacked at Shottle to establish just what material we have on hand that can be used at Duffield. It is all now separated and the next part of the plot is to pair up the useful pieces and identify the bits with no further life in them. Most of this pointwork has been recovered over the last few years as we remodelled Wirksworth and removed the sidings on the Incline. This has served us well as to date we have not needed to purchase any of these quite expensive items but Duffield will certainly require at least one purchase to be made if the geometry is to permit Tornado to run round!
Back at base there was a mix of activities that involved Tommy having its pulley and new belts fitted. We still have a problem in tightening up a very large bolt on the crank shaft and I ask again for you to search your stores and garages for a thin walled socket of a size that is of the order of 2". Further research was undertaken into the oil contamination on Hydra and further investigation into this problem is scheduled for Friday.
Vince Morris was with us somewhat disabled by a sporting injury, he should know better, and engaged many of our visitors with tales of our endeavour. One couple enquired about our responsiveness to a Wickham Trolley rally. The answer was yes of course but the conversation turned to their home which was an old station. With a forensic approach we narrowed this down to Roden Mill or Fencote - try Googling - and it transpired they had attended the auction of Idridgehay which was derelict at the time. It's a funny old world.
The Logging Department have been concentrating on improving the internal security of their cabin for their selection of electric tools. The Booking Hall welcomed our visitors and the Buffet and Mess Hall received a make over.